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Automatic electric nail clipper and file

Automatic electric nail clipper and file

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Professional and Safe : The electric nail clipper blade is big, wide and curved, made of stainless metal alloy, hidden in the machine. So it's safe to use, you don't have to worry about accidental injury. Besides infants, babies, children, adults, men, women, it is also suitable for the elderly who are visually impaired to use alone, and you will also be surprised that once your children own this electric nail clipper , they can handle with their fingernail by themselves. Easy to Use: This electric nail clipper is automatic, built-in the functions of nail file, nail clipper, nail scissors, nail clipper. It is a kind of replacement of nail clipper set, nail clipper set or manicure set. It cuts and files your nail at the same time, you don't need to file your nails after cutting. And it is also suitable for you to handle with false nails, acrylic nails and thick nails, but not for fingernails. Collect nail debris: Clean and hygienic, trim your nails on the bed without worrying about nail debris flying everywhere. The baby nail clipper has a built-in debris storage box, it collects dust from clipped nails itself. QUIET & LIGHT WORKED: The automatic electric nail clipper equipped with a quiet motor that makes it the best baby nail file while your baby sleeps. Compact palm size, easy to hold, convenient to store and carry for travel.

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