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Illuminated Makeup Mirror with Built-in Fan

Illuminated Makeup Mirror with Built-in Fan

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Gives you an overview with some air thanks to its built-in fan.

  • For pleasantly fresh make-up
  • Adjustable LED lamp and built-in fan
  • Adjustable mirror height
  • Materials: plastic, glass, metal

Make-up mirror with fan

Essential object to place on your dressing table or in your bathroom , in short, where the women (or why not the men?) prepare themselves carefully for their evening, an extremely delicate moment which requires not only calm and concentration, but also a equipment adequate. Our superb make-up mirror with fan and lamp provides good brightness thanks to its LED , but it also prevents the face from shining too much thanks to its light breeze . In addition, the light is dimmable and the air can be adjusted to 3 different levels.

It is therefore a elegant and practical accessory which will be indispensable to you for parties, balls or opera evenings which require a discreet outfit. Because even if the real beauty comes from the inside, showing it on the outside isn't bad either...


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