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Acupressure Roller

Acupressure Roller

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Material: PU outsourcing + PP + iron core

When you work out and break a sweat, you start to get tired after a while… and after that, it's hard to relax because your muscles are all pumped and ripped. What do you do then?

The solution is simple. The Acupressure Roller is designed to relax the muscles through acupressure, a therapy used to relax the muscles of the body. The roller includes a three piece set of acupressure equipment designed for different parts of the body for maximum satisfaction.

- The power of acupressure in a compact package

- Relax your muscles after a long and tiring workout

- Easy to use, easy to fix, and easy to store! Made with your convenience in mind.

- Carries up to 400 kg in weight – it's made with the best materials you can find

- Multiple colors to choose from

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