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Having great hair increases your level of beauty and attractiveness, there's no doubt about it!
Over time, the PLAN LUXE team has tested and studied what works best for beautiful, silky, healthy hair, and we want to share our secrets with you girls.
💋 Cut them regularly

We chose to talk about it first because people don't realize how important it is. You really have to cut at least 1 cm per month to have the hair of your dreams. Cutting your hair regularly is the only way to get rid of split ends. For most of us, our hair gets dry at the bottom and there's no way to fix it except by cutting it.
💋 Oil baths

It's an Arab beauty secret that we have discovered! In fact, you put olive oil, argan oil or any type of oil you like on your hair, especially the roots. You leave it overnight or for several hours and then you shampoo your hair. This is called the "oil bath". It nourishes your hair right down to the root and to get the most out of it, apply warm oil to your scalp and hair. The heat will help deliver nutrients to the scalp faster to nourish the roots. The good news is that even girls with oily hair can do it!
💋 Natural masks

The PLAN LUXE team stopped using masks sold in supermarkets because they contain too many chemicals, your hair is beautiful at first but over time it becomes a nightmare. They get dry, dull, nothing you want for your mane.
The solution is simple: apply only natural hair masks, or homemade masks. These are natural, so they contain no chemicals and are good for your scalp and hair.
To use different hair masks and our favorites are these:
#1 🎉 Ayurvedic powder : we've already talked about it in this article ! These are literally blessings!
#2🎉 Flaxseed gel and olive oil: boil the flaxseeds with water until they become like a gel, strain them to obtain only the gel and mix it y olive oil. Put your hair up. Leave it for 2 hours or overnight. And thank us later darlings!
#3🎉 Eggs + honey + olive oil: It's a grandma's secret. Mix these 3 together and you have your mask. Put your homemade mask in your hair, leave it for an hour and voila!
💋 Natural colors

Every girl likes to change her hair color from time to time. We are no exception. Over the years, some of us have gone from brown to blonde to finally adopt our natural hair color.
Coloring your hair is sure to damage it, but there is an alternative to changing your hair color without damaging it. The secret is "herbal tincture".
There are plants that have a coloring power, such as henna. In addition, these plants not only dye your hair but also nourish it!
Henna is popular. It dyes your hair auburn or red, but the end result depends on what color you already have.
Another is Amla. This plant is a blessing. It is often used as a hair mask because it contains many nutrients for your scalp. It's basically food for your hair. It also has coloring power. It darkens your hair, so if you're blonde and want to stay that way, don't even try!
If you don't want to dye your hair yourself, ask your hairdresser to use natural coloring products. Indeed, more and more hairdressers are using natural products for the hair of their customers!
We hope these secrets help you darlings! Tell us which one you already knew!
Big kisses 💋 & See you next Monday my beautiful!
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