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There are women out there, when you see them the first word that comes to mind is just "Wow!"
These women have something special, which I first thought couldn't be described. When my curiosity pushed me to discover what made them so special, what I discovered made sense.
The women I find almost magical all have one thing in common: they ALL fully embrace their femininity. And not only do they embrace it, but they fully embody femininity.
They embrace their femininity so fully that it makes them more than attractive. These women are magnetic.
Today, it is rare to find feminine women. And let's be clear here; Being feminine doesn't mean wearing a skirt and heels and flaunting your curves. No, being feminine is more than that! It's how you stand, how you talk, how you live!
Wondering how to fully express and embrace your femininity?
It's high time to find out girls!

💋 Embrace your duality

There is duality and polarity in everything in this world. Hot and cold, ying and yang, up and down, day and night. Powerful female figures embrace their duality. That is to say that they can be soft but also firm when it is necessary. They can be selfless when caring for others and selfish when it comes to protecting themselves from toxic people.
The darlings! Embrace your duality because it will free your femininity!

💋Trust your intuition

This advice is powerful, believe me! Your intuition is really there to support and guide you.
Nobody really knows what it is and how to describe it perfectly, but for me, intuition is that feeling that comes from your heart spontaneously, when you face a situation or something, even before your brain have time to process what is happening.
Intuition can be a good feeling and in this case it means that you are going in the right direction, that you are making a good choice. Or on the contrary, it may be a bad feeling. You feel like there is something wrong and you don't know what it is. In this case, stay away from whatever you are heading towards. Because when your heart feels it's wrong for you, trust it.
I always follow my intuition, I learned to close my Cartesian brain and trust my feelings. At first it's difficult, because you wonder why you feel this way, and you try to find logical reasons for it, but you can't. Relax and trust.
Intuition will always lead you where you need to be girls!

💋 Stay authentic

The darlings! Never change for anyone. Stay true to yourself. Don't follow trends because everyone follows them. Embrace what makes you unique. If you have what I call "goddess hair", i.e. curly/wavy/frizzy hair, don't straighten it to look like most models. I used to do that, and now that I'm proud of my wavy hair, not only do I feel better about myself, but people always compliment me, and I feel like I have a presence. more magnetic than when I used to straighten my hair. This is one example among many others, but the main thing here is to stay true to who you are. Your authentic vibrations will bring the most beautiful and compassionate people into your life!

💋 Express what you feel

I've always felt that the world we live in pushes us not to share our emotions. It pushes us to be calm all the time. It's not good for your mental health or your relationships with others.
Time has taught me that sharing how you feel is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. Time has taught me that people can't know how you feel or even think, so telling them right away is the best way to solve any problems.
If you're angry about a situation, tell people around you how you feel. You don't have to scream or go crazy. Just saying "this situation is driving me crazy, I can't tolerate this or that" will make people realize that something needs to change.
Never let anyone criticize you for sharing how you feel. It's a basic human right and if some people don't respect it, you don't need them in your life.

💋Don't be ashamed to receive

This one might be difficult for some of you. I see a lot of people feeling uncomfortable when they receive a compliment, a gift, or even help. Instead of saying "thank you", they say things like "you shouldn't have bought that" or phrases like that. I think it's so harmful!
When you receive love, a compliment, help, or even a gift, pause and say "thank you," say it from your heart. There is no need to add anything more. Just appreciate the people who give you positive things in your life. Be more grateful and you will receive more positive things in your life girls!

💋 Improve your emotional intelligence

Powerful feminine women have high emotional intelligence. What does it mean?
This means they are aware of their emotions and what triggered them. Moreover, they understand people's emotions.
Having an emotional intelligence will help you to stay calm in difficult situations, to better manage conflicts and above all to positively influence the darlings!
Now is the time to embrace and express your femininity!
Have fun practicing these hacks! And tell me which one makes you feel more powerful and feminine!
Big kisses 💋 & See you next Monday my beautiful!
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