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Everyone wants to become "that girl". We see thousands of videos on tiktok, insta, where girls share tips to help others improve their lifestyle to become "that girl".
But what is a "that girl"? Who is she really?
Stay with us my beautiful, because it is high time to find out!
Let's go!
"That girl" is above all a powerful woman. When she enters a room she dazzles everyone. She is not only elegant, beautiful but also very intelligent and cultured. She has a feminine presence that no one else has. She is memorable. Charismatic. Hypnotic.
She's not a fictional character that you can't be. All women already have everything they need to become "That Girl". You just have to change your lifestyle, your habits, to reach this new reality that you want in your life.
So where do you start to become "that girl"? It's super cute my dear! Follow these steps and you will see you will become the girl you dream of being in no time!
Not only is sport great if you want to maintain good health, but it's also super beneficial for your mental health. Since the start of the covid crisis that we have all been through, many of us have suffered from anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation. One of the things that will help you is sport! You should do at least 1 hour, three times a week, according to the latest studies.
Choose a sport that makes you happy and fulfilled, a sport that looks like you, because it's easier to be regular in your sports practice that way. And the more regular we are in sports, the faster we glow-up! It's tested and proven honey!
💋 Skincare routine

Mastering the art of Skincare is much better than mastering the art of make-up. Why? Simply because the results will last for years. Having beautiful skin at 50 is the result of excellent skincare at 20-30!
We wrote an article about the product you absolutely must have in your skincare routine to have perfect skin H24. Click here if you want to read it! .
💋The No make up look

The No make-up look, also called the minimalist make-up is the signature of "that girl". She's not covered in make-up that smothers her features (and pores them!). Her make-up is simple and but showcases her unique features. This type of make-up is refreshing and adds a natural side, good vibes to its presence.
Quick tip: Apply your mascara, a tinted lip balm. Never use foundation because when you have a suitable skincare routine, you don't need to! Put vitamin C in the morning and retinol at night.
💋 Chic outfits

This is super super important. "That girl" is always elegant. It doesn't mean that she only wears dresses, on the contrary you can also be chic with jeans and whatever your style, if you follow the rules explained to you in this article .
💋The Healthy diet

After we have worked on our physical appearance, it is time to focus on what is most important: OUR HEALTH.
Fast food will destroy your health and your skin over time. Personally, we noticed that when we ate at fast food our skin became dull in addition to giving us pimples!
Avoid drinking alcohol, and drink at least 2 liters of water a day, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You will see your skin and your complexion will thank you!
Also try to reduce your amount of meat. Stay away from sweets because they contain so many chemicals that are harmful to your health!
The best advice we can give you is to learn to cook, and above all learn to LOVE cooking! Go on Pinterest, type "healthy meal" you will see your mouth watering!
💋 Learn!

"That girl" is not only a beautiful young woman who pays attention to her health, she is also very intelligent and cultured! There are millions of beautiful women in the world but how many of them are super smart and cultured. Unfortunately, reality shows us every day that our generation, which grew up with the networks, learned to work and improve its physical appearance, completely forgetting the intellect.
So graduate, learn a new language, read books, educate yourself! It's really the best method to "stand out" and stay in everyone's mind!
We made you the list of what could improve your culture G:
-Visit museums/exhibitions
-Visit art galleries
-Read new books
-Talk to new people
- Ask your questions to experts (at the end of seminars for example)
-Watch documentaries instead of Netflix series
💋 Master the rules of Etiquette
Today, everyone has the means to look like a "that girl", but you have to keep in mind that it is easy to tell the difference between a girl who looks like a a "that girl", and a woman who really is! And it's all about good manners and etiquette!
Nowadays, people are so focused on their physical appearances that they forget to work on their behaviors. Having a beautiful face but being rude and vulgar transforms your appearance into that of a disliked and disgusting person.
"That girl" is a pleasant, kind woman with good manners. She knows etiquette and knows how to apply it in her life.
To learn more about the label, we recommend that you follow Sofia Marbella's videos on Tiktok.
Apply her tips and see how it will make you look stylish!
Here you are my beautiful, you have all the cards in hand to become "that girl"!
We send you big kisses 💋 & See you next Monday my beautiful!
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C’était top 👌👍 j’ai adoré franchement vous êtes trop motivants❤️❤️❤️

Malonda Hermine Suzelle Mbou

C’était top 👌👍 j’ai adoré franchement vous êtes trop motivants❤️❤️❤️

Malonda Hermine Suzelle Mbou

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